South Bethlehem's Chili Cook-off, or -
THE kickoff to the summer festival season.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Community Artists of Bethlehem present "5 Alarm Arts Fair"- a celebration of community arts!

In a continued effort to celebrate the abundant local talent, The Community Artists of Bethlehem are excited to showcase more than 20 hot, upcoming local artists in "5 Alarm Arts Fair" located in and around Campus Square on Morton St. and New St, Bethlehems' South Side. The fair will coincide with " Spring on Fourth, What's on 3rd"festivities, starting at 11am and concluding at 4pm.

The merchants will vary from Photography, Jewelry, Ceramics, acrylic/oil painting, to items that are much more unconventional media. Included in the festivities are children's activities including face painting, coloring contests and hula hooping. Whether you enjoy a flair for the spicy or like to keep it cool, there is sure to be excitement to suit everyones taste! Please stop by the CAB table to find out more about an exciting monthly children's workshop.

We are thrilled to be involved again with this year's, "Spring on Fourth, What's on Third" event. This annual fest is a great opportunity to celebrate our community through commerce, arts and services. We are also excited to introduce a few new up and coming artists from in and around the area. See you all at the ticket booth! Please feel free to forward and/or print and distribute the attached poster!

For more information on the C.A.B. activities, contact: Loly Reynolds 484-554-0281 or Megan Everett 484-550-8995 Website: www.myspace/c.a.b.

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