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Friday, April 23, 2010

Something New this year - Dancing on the Greenway

Thanks to some help from the men of Sigma Chi (Lehigh University) and from the generosity of Holy Infancy Parish, we're trying something new at this year's Spring on Fourth.... Dancing on the Greenway!!

Kathleen Bibalao has been tapping her network of local and Lehigh dance groups to try out the location. She's even wrangled Robert Wagner to host the afternoon.

The location is on the corner of New Street and Mechanic - just a few yards from the Adams Street Bus Terminal. Thanks to the magic of Google maps and the new street view, you can find the floor just beyond the tree on the corner.

So why are we doing this? If one has heard about the future Greenway Park, this is a great chance to the community to start really imagining what to do with the space. Could this be a place for a plaza in the near future? Well - why not try a function BEFORE we design something for the space.... and see what happens?

That what we did with the skate / BMX demo three years ago. Sometimes, people just need to really see the thing before their own imaginations ignite.

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