South Bethlehem's Chili Cook-off, or -
THE kickoff to the summer festival season.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Attention Vegetarians!!! Here are your meatless chili's for tomorrow

(Don't ya just love it when you see a major omission after you get the order back from the printer????)

The Vegetarian Options for tomorrow's Chili cookoff are:
*Deja Brew
*Eskandalo (by Save the Kales, author JAIME!!!)
*General Zapata
*Godfrey Daniels
*Home & Planet
*Loose Threads (ok, it's a relief station with yogurt and granola. But it's still a veggie option)
*Muero Apparo
*Northampton Community College
*St. Peter's Lutheran Church
*Tally Ho

Geographically speaking, most of them are off 4th street - but don't miss the one at NCC

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