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Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring on 4th DYK Series #6 - Full of Crepe

Lehigh University offers many courses in the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurialism, Creativity and Innovation that give students an opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs in business and in society. One course offered in the spring is ENT 198: Art Entrepreneurship Community. In this course, students explore the dynamic relationship between art(ist), producer (public, private, single & multiple) and audience. A significant part of their learning is through applying their own talents to the annual Spring on Fourth festival. Through this practicum, students have seen the impact of their work in terms of relationship building between the South Bethlehem business community and the campus. 

They have also been given a great opportunity to see how a festival impacts local businesses. These local businesses are the backbone of the local economy; and students are learning all of their owners by name - and not by name tag. They have become very familiar with the assets of the community around their campus - and are coming to understand the value and shared responsibility of supporting a local economy through events and festivals that raise the quality of life for all citizens who live and work in the same zip code.

Full of Crepe: 335 S. New Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015

About a month ago, my roommates and I decided to stop inside Full of Crepe on S. New Street. To our surprise, we came across what we believe to be Bethlehem’s best-hidden gem eatery. Since then, we have made our morning breakfast visits to Full of Crepe an official weekly roommate outing. My favorite is The Bond Girl, which is a deliciously sweet combination of the freshest strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that are lightly drizzled with a tangy lemon curd and crème anglaise. 

Their menu consists of at least 20 different house-made crepe creations, which cater to anybody’s favorite tastes. Not in the mood for the sweetness of fresh fruit or chocolate? Well at Full of Crepe that’s not a problem because their savory crepe menu is certainly impressive, including delectable ingredients like Brie, spinach, tomatoes, bacon, and goat cheese. I’m a sucker for their sweet menu, and can’t get enough of the fresh berry combinations. But just the other day, I went to Full of Crepe with the unwavering intention of venturing over to the “savory side.” So what did I end up ordering? Not able to completely surrender my sweet tooth, I decided to get the Christy Cristo, which you may guess by the name, is a Monte Cristo named in honor of one of FoC’s crepe chef’s. It was fantastic, and the mixture of sweet and salty definitely pleased my palette.

So, if you’re browsing around Southside Bethlehem to celebrate Spring on 4th, you can’t leave without checking out this amazing new eatery. I guarantee your first visit to Full of Crepe will not be your last!

MaryLeah DiNisco, Lehigh University class of 2013

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