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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring on 4th DYK Series #8 The FunHouse

During "Spring On Fourth" one place that should not be looked past and is a great place to head after the festivities come to an end. However, one note to point out, the FunHouse is 21 and over only. I have been to the FunHouse many times and every time I go there is always something differs. Some nights they have live bands that range in genres and other nights they have Dj's and lastly they also have nights where there is live karaoke. They may not be a full restaurant with food, but the drinks there are to die for. The bartenders definitely know what they are doing. There is also a pool table located in the back of the building. There are tables and chairs to sit and listen to the bands. The building may not look like big, but when you get inside there is nothing small about it. Everyone there makes the place feel homey and relaxed. It is a great place for strangers to talk and hang out as old friends while listening to great music. After a long day of work or out in the sun the FunHouse is a place to take off the edge and have a few drinks with music.

Jacquelyn Fetzer

Lehigh University offers many courses in the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurialism, Creativity and Innovation that give students an opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs in business and in society. One course offered in the spring is ENT 198: Art Entrepreneurship Community. In this course, students explore the dynamic relationship between art(ist), producer (public, private, single & multiple) and audience. A significant part of their learning is through applying their own talents to the annual Spring on Fourth festival. Through this practicum, students have seen the impact of their work in terms of relationship building between the South Bethlehem business community and the campus. 

They have also been given a great opportunity to see how a festival impacts local businesses. These local businesses are the backbone of the local economy; and students are learning all of their owners by name - and not by name tag. They have become very familiar with the assets of the community around their campus - and are coming to understand the value and shared responsibility of supporting a local economy through events and festivals that raise the quality of life for all citizens who live and work in the same zip code.

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