South Bethlehem's Chili Cook-off, or -
THE kickoff to the summer festival season.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting ready for Chili!!!! And Spring. And Community Celebrations.

Today's weather has us so excited for tomorrow's big event. As the competitors are stirring their pots, we're posting the location map a day a head for you to plan your chili experience.

This post covers other bits of advise for folks coming into South Bethlehem for the Spring on Fourth and surrounding activities.

This year, we are selling ONLY passports. No single tickets. Three levels of passports will be available on Saturday. As marked on the map, passports will be sold at Tally Ho, Cutter's Bike Shop, in front of Molly's Pub and at the corner of New St. & 3rd St. Chili Map and Voting Ballot will be available at all passport locations. This year they are BRIGHT NEON GREEN. You can start your chili cook off experience anywhere on the map. The numbers are for identification only.

There are teams of judges that are going to be tasting ALL of the chili. But we want your opinion, too. The Ballot is for the winner's of the People's Choice. Rank your top three on the ballot which will be printed on the back of the map) and submit it to any location selling passports that day. They will be collected by 3PM. Judge's Choice and People's Choice will be announced on WDIY, 88.1 FM at 4PM. Tune in!

If you want to buy the $10 passport TODAY you can at HomeBase, Cleo's, Comfort Suites and Cutters. 

Parking in South Bethlehem is plentiful in two garages: one at Riverport and the other off Morton street, (across from Tulum and next to Campus Square). There are Municipal lots between Mechanic and 3rd streets, and others near Lehigh University. Street parking is also available. The lot just to the east of the Taylor Family Gas Station on 3rd street will be CLOSED for Secured Bicycle parking. 

For Bicycle riders - The Coalition for Affordable Transportation (CAT) is encouraging us all to consider biking to the Spring on Fourth events. There will be plenty of space at the secured lot to leave your bike there while you wander on foot. Yes, CAT is watching the bikes for all of us. Aren't they great? Please DO NOT lock your bike to any parking meters on the sidewalks, as they will obstruct the walkways - and there will be lots of folks enjoying the day. It would be nice to leave lots of room for strollers, too. 

You may need to drive around blocked off streets where activity is happening. If you haven't been across the Hill to Hill in a while, be prepared for some major construction delays. There's also construction on Adams Street as the Greenway is starting to go in.

Be Gentle with Your Neighbor
Please be mindful of the increased pedestrian traffic in South Bethlehem tomorrow - especially as there will be large number of families with small children out and about. 

There's so many volunteers that have helped plan and run the event. The cost of the passports helps cover costs of renting equipment and promoting the event, and paying artists to bring the spirit of joy to all of us. Everyone can help by keeping an eye on trash and on each other. A community is as good as its people. And remember, children learn how to treat other people by watching grown ups. 

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